The registration for the Genfest 2018 will be according to the geographical area and is strictly done by GROUPS, and our representatives of the Youth for a United World in each city/country is the contact person.
The contact person will help you in a practical way (organizing groups, flights, payment of the participation fees, etc.). The first phase of the registration (joining and enlisting of groups) will be open until December 31, 2017.
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What is Genfest:

The Genfest is a meeting of youth who want to show the world that universal fraternity, a united world, is an Ideal worth living for. Over the years, the Genfest has become a great festival of ideas, thoughts and actions that inspire thousands of youth to change their life, their future and, finally, the world.

It is an invitation to set ourselves in motion with the certainty that each person is a protagonist of their own history and of History. This can have an influence on the great afflictions of our world, contributing to the breakdown of barriers, indifference, prejudices and egoism.

The foundress of the Focolare defined it as “a waterfall of God,” of which the source is the same inspiring spark of the Focolare Movement: the discovery of God- Love .

It is an invitation to build bridges of fraternity and contribute to breaking barriers of indifference, prejudice, egoism. Born in 1973 as the brainchild of Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare Movement, the Genfest will reach its 11th edition in 2018 in Manila (the Philippines).

6th, 7th, 8th JULY 2018 MANILA – THE PHILIPPINES

The main program of the Genfest will be held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila and all the workshops will be held in universities in Manila.

Genfest 2018: Beyond all Borders

The title BEYOND ALL BORDERS intends to highlight the boundaries that need to be overcome at personal and social levels.  It was chosen with the purpose of opening the minds and hearts of the participants in the Genfest. This eleventh edition aims to inspire participants to feel capable of building a happier and a united world. To breathe, love, work and live with concern for everyone. This is why the Genfest values artistic manifestations, music, dances, expositions, forums, etc., to enable everyone to think differently and to transform life into something more beautiful.

Genfest LOGO:

The new logo of the Genfest 2018 can be described in one word: essentiality, where “less is more”. In a world with too much information, it is important to value the simplicity and the power that each word brings to the world. Therefore, the Genfest logo was made out of letters. The only symbol present is a clear, precise and endless line that underlines the title of the Genfest “Beyond all borders”. The underscore reminds us to move forward beyond the borders and to go to Manila to witness a united world. The absence of an image reflects even more on the few essential elements in life. It reminds us to live our lives focusing only on the fundamental things: to go over the confinements, to reach everybody, to love in order to make universal fraternity possible.


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