11 January 2018

Thank you very much for your active participation and contribution on THEME SONG and AUDITIONS FOR BAND & PERFORMERS of the Genfest 2018! We have received materials from more than 20 countries.

After months of listening, appreciating, scrutinizing the auditioned songs according to the criteria set by the Committee for Songs Selection Genfest 2018, and after summing up the singular votes of the 18 members panel of judges, the Committee for the Selection of Songs thus herewith announces the 10 songs with their author/authors and country of origin, and will be part of the Genfest 2018 repertoire:

– “Beyond all borders” by Maria Bonacci, Alan Gastón Moral & Victoria Piccinini from Argentina
– “Beyond all borders” by Marco Farias from Brazil
– “Beyond all borders” by Simon Deregowski from Germany
– “Beyond all borders” by Manuel Zukovsky from Germany
– “Colors of the world” by TALA (Jena Espelita, Neil Torres, Giul Sanchez) from Philippines
– “Go beyond” by Lisa Reitbrecht & Andreas Chmielowski from Austria
– “Louder” by JR Calicdan from Philippines
– “Our choice” by Christella Girimana, Sixte Nisasagare, Edouard Bigendako from East Africa
– “The stars in my darkness” by Gayun Sabina Lee from Korea
– “Tua presença” by Rafael Volpe from Brazil

The selected will be officially contacted by phone or e-mail by the representative of Youth for a United World Movement. We are herewith reminding the authors of the above selected songs that the Committee may alter the title, or minor parts of the melodies and/or the lyrics, always in accordance with the authors, for practical reasons.

The above 10 songs will be arranged musically by professional musicians/arrangers and will be recorded by the Genfest Band.
We are herewith also declaring that the judges; decision is final and irrevocable.
Furthermore it is probable that other songs will be chosen; in this case it will happen according to the needs of the program. We shall duly inform the authors of the songs in this regard.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all the Artists who submitted entries to this audition and we truly appreciate your generosity in sharing your precious talent for Genfest 2018. We are looking forward to working with you again soon.


  1. great congrats to all!thanks so much for all your hard works young ones for unity. One with you in building Genfest2018

    1. Thanks to you!
      All our unity, and one with you, and please don’t forget to continue the prayers for the Red, let’s build the Genfest together!

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