GENFEST 2018: beyond all borders

27 April 2017



A meeting of thousands of youth from all over the world, from different ethnicities, cultures and religions, driven by the idea that the construction of a united and more sympathetic world is already an experience of life and social action. The Genfest is an occasion for exchange of and approach towards ideas on economy, art, environment, social realities and intercultural dialogue. It is an invitation to build bridges of fraternity and contribute to breaking barriers of indifference, prejudice, egoism. Born in 1973 as the brainchild of Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare Movement, the Genfest will reach its 11th edition in 2018 in Manila (the Philippines).




The Genfest is a meeting of youth who want to show the world that universal fraternity, a united world, is an Ideal worth living for. Over the years, the Genfest has become a great festival of ideas, thoughts and actions that inspire thousands of youth to change their life, their future and, finally, the world.


  • 1973 – “People with a Global Vision who Overcome all Barriers” – The first Genfest in history, attended by 8000 youth. – Loppiano (Florence – Italy)
  • 1975 – “Unity is Possible” – 20,000 youth, for the first time from five continents, received and blessed by Paul VI, who exclaimed: “A new world is born!” – Palaeur of Rome (Italy)
  • 1980 – “For a united world” – 40,000 youth gathered in the midst of the cold war. – Flaminio Stadium in Rome (Italy)
  • 1985 – “Many Ways to a United World.” – A key moment: the baptism of the Youth for a United World Movement. Thousands of youth participated, even connected via telephone from America to Australia. – Palaeur of Rome (Italy)
  • 1987 Genfest Events. 120.000 youth from the five continents gather in 40 different countries in order to bridge the disunities of their own lands and initiate concrete and targeted activities.
  • 1990 – “A United World – the Ideal that makes History” – The collapse of the wall between the East and the West seemed to accelerate the times. In this event, the youth from Eastern Europe were finally present, following the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Welcoming them was one person who had contributed to this: John Paul II. A video connection, via satellite, transmitted the Genfest to every corner of the earth. – Palaeur of Rome (Italy)
  • 1993 – “Unity of the peoples” – 130 thousand youth participated in 56 national Genfests.
  • 1995 – “Let’s show a united world” – A strong media exposition, four satellite broadcasters, 55 national television services, 350 regional television services conveyed the message of the Genfest to millions of people, the first Genfest streamed live. The United World Week was born. – Palaeur of Rome (Italy)
  • 2000 – The Genfest was integrated as an event of the World Youth Day. – Stadio Flaminio of Rome (Italy)
  • 2012 – “Let’s Bridge” – 12 thousand youth gathered in the city on the crossroads between Central and Eastern Europe. A key moment: the launch of the United World Project, which unfolded a new step for the Youth for United World. Live streaming of the programme and social network coverage conveyed the message of the Genfest to millions of people. – Sports Arena, Budapest (Hungary)
  • 2018 – In preparation: “Beyond all Borders” – World Trade Center Metro Manila



Manila, the Philippines. The main programme of the Genfest will be held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila and all the workshops will be organised at De La Salle University.



The title BEYOND ALL BORDERS intends to highlight the boundaries that need to be overcome at personal and social levels.  It was chosen with the purpose of opening the minds and hearts of the participants in the Genfest. This eleventh edition aims to inspire participants to feel capable of building a happier and a united world. To breathe, love, work and live with concern for everyone. This is why the Genfest values artistic manifestations, music, dances, expositions, forums, etc., to enable everyone to think differently and to transform life into something more beautiful.  





Registrations will be open in October, 2017. However, one can express interest in participating in this worldwide event in Manila (6th, 7th and 8th of July 2018) in an email directed to this address

6 thoughts on “GENFEST 2018: beyond all borders”

  1. wooh will be a nice congress even the tittle it’s very nice because it remind us as Gen to build unit and peace among us eventhough we are in different cultures,nations,religions ..Am Christine a Gen from Tanzania ..All my Unit on this preparation of Genfest

  2. I really want to join GenFest 2018. But how? Can someone help me how to register and some basic information? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi! you can enter in the web site, and you will see the spot on the home page, just click on the “sign up” tab!

  3. May I know how much is the registration fee for the 2018 Genfest World trade cntr Manila?
    Thank you

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