Johnstone _ Lives Beyond All Borders

5 February 2018

The north of Kenya is populated by 14 different ethnic groups. Many of whom are nomadic pastoralist.
These beautiful landscapes are stained by the blood of tribal violence, natably between the Boranas and the Rendille. They are age-old conflicts over the ever scarcer resources of water and pasture.
Johnstone is 22, he comes from the village of Badasa. He is a member of the Borana people. Tribalism and the lack of peace have always pained him, so he decided to commit himself to spreading peace among the communities where they often kill each other. He began to volunteer at a school across the valley belonged to the opposing tribe. It was among the first people to be accepted by the Rendille. To bring the youth together Johnstone used a special weapon: soccer.
Peace prevails now. People are united; there is a shared market and the herds graze together. The Rendille and Borana are agents of peace not only in their community but in others communities which are in violence.

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