LOGO contest for the 2018 GENFEST in Manila (July 6-7-8, 2018)!

7 December 2016

Title: “Beyond all borders” (*)

Like any Genfest, we want to celebrate a ‘united world’, already a reality among us.

We want this event to be a step forward towards the realization of universal brotherhood.

We want to show that unity and peace are possible, through the various ‘Roads’ that Chiara encouraged us to undertake for the fulfillment of a united world.

We want, 6 years after his birth, to evaluate United World Project, and give us new targets and a new thrust.

We want to welcome and celebrate the diversity that each culture brings.

Being in Asia, this Genfest will certainly carry colors of interreligious dialogue’s richness. We want to enhance the gift that every faith is for each other and for the world.

We want to show the light that comes from the ‘Golden Rule’ lived.

We want to witness unity… beyond all borders.

We would ask you to submit your LOGO proposals by January 15, 2017, mailed to genfest2018@focolare.org.

(*) As you know, the title chosen through our social media was “Waves of change”, followed by “Beyond all borders”. In recent days, with gen and youth from Manila, it became evident that, because of the current political situation in the Philippines, more and more complex, the title chosen could be misunderstood. They asked us not to use that phrase. We then thought that, being the second title very close to the first in the voting, out of love and prudence for the nation that welcomes the Genfest, we would choose “Beyond all borders” as the Genfest title. We are grateful for your understanding, confident that this difficulty becomes a springboard in our love for one another.

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