27 April 2018



The most awaited event of the year is not so far as the countdown begins and few more days to unfold the curtains. To show the world a large gathering of young people shouting loud for universal brotherhood to build a united world following the theme BEYOND ALL BORDERS.  The 11th edition of Genfest  brings us the most exciting artistic performances of music, dance, experiences, forums and much more….!

Starting with an idea of Chiara Lubic (Founder of Focolare Movement)  who gives us the responsibility to spread fraternity as she believed that young people can change the world- Following the Golden Rule “Do to others as you want others  do to you”.

The Genfest in Portugal invites us to become a part of  them by sharing our experiences, and to witness this amazing event coming our way on May 1st, 2018.  With the title  “Juntos, Conseguimos superar todos os limites!” “Together, we have overcome all limits!”, the youth will have the chance to listen the heart touching experiences of how young people in their daily lives try to build a united world. Also, the program includes several workshops that go from how to overcome indifference and the culturure of consumerism, to inter-religious dialoge. For more information log in to this LINK.

The Genfest Italia invites us to breathe, love, work and live with the concern for others. Join our hands for the main event on May 1st, 2018 in Loppiano, Italy,  to build the borders of love and unity. For this biggest national event, 6000 young people from all over Italy will gather to raise their hands high to tell the world that peace is possible. We can also enjoy the 3-day event that will held on April 28th, 29th, and 30th, 2018 before the Genfest. Enjoy the most exciting games, workshops with the title “To which world are we going?” on day 1. In the 2nd  day we can learn about the “Politics and Economics” through games, music and most importantly beautiful experiences of the young people. The 3rd day follows the theme “My place in the world” with dialogue with groups and plenary.  To read more log in to the given WEBSITE.

Moreover, Brazil the land of football, invites us on April 28th, 2018, the States of Parana and Santa Catarina  to stand together for universal brotherhood and to raise our voices to bring change and to kick the barriers of prejudice, hatred and selfishness. More than 100 people will participate for the 4-day program that will be in its full version having thrilling music and superb workshops. Enjoy the delightful event!

Keep your fingers crossed!

Witness the amazing experience!

By Reema Nasir

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