15 February 2018

Pope Francis dedicated the year 2018 for the young people based on the theme Young People, the Faith and the Vocational Discernment. Four Y4UW are working together from four different continents of the world that is America, Europe, Africa and Asia and will be participating with other 350 young people around the globe for the Pre Synodal meeting starting from March 19, 2018 utill March 24, 2018.

It is a great opportunity for the youth to begin a dialogue with the Catolic church. The church really wants to listen what the young people think and want, what are their desires and at the end what they want to achieve.

For the Pre Synodal, this youth will be helping to prepare the Holy Masses, meditations and prayers throughout the week. To do all this work they have already been in the Vatican three times to present their ideas to the Bishops and Priests. Besides all this, two youth members will participate in the Pre Synod meeting as the representatives of  Focolare Movement. They will be the facilitators for French, English and Spanish in the discussion groups.

The basic aim of the Synod for Youth is to help the young people to discover their plan for life and to recognize it with delight, opening their hearts for God and humanity and to actively participate in the Catolic church.

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Go Young People!

Shout loud in every space we have!

Let our voices be heard!


By Reema Nasir

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