Choices of peace: converting the economy that kills

22 March 2017

“Of course, for anyone who is preparing to move the mountains and Violence, the task is huge and heavy, but what is impossible for millions of people isolated and divided may become possible to a group of people who have made mutual understanding, respect and willingness to sacrifice for others, the motivating force of their lives. Peace is the first fruit of unity. But there can be no peace among nations unless we begin to build unity among some people of good will”

So, in the words of Chiara Lubich, Silvio Minnetti, chairman of the Political Movement for unity in Italy,a public meeting was conducted “Scelte di Pace. Riconvertiamo l’Economia che Uccide”, which was held March 14, 2017, in the Parliamentary Groups of Deputies, in Rome. The meeting was organized by the Focolare Movement in Italy, in collaboration with the publishing group Città Nuova.

The subject of the meeting was the violation of the Law 185/90, which talks about “New regulations on export control, import and transit of military materials” and that requires transparency on importing and exporting of weapons systems to and from Italy ministries involved (Foreign Affairs, Interior, Defense, Finance, Industry, etc.) and prevents Italian arms can be sold to countries at war, which is seriously a violation of human rights, or which falls within those that are defined as “heavily indebted poor countries”.

Attention was called up to the glaring current issue of bombs being exported from Italy to the coalition led by Saudi Arabia in the war againts Yemen.

The discussion was then extended to the strategic choices of Leonardo SpA (Finmeccanica’s new corporate name), the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and to the presence of atomic bombs on US bases in Aviano and Ghedi Torre.

Political authorities, also the civil society, were invited to be aware of the possibility to exercise their voting power through “portfolio”, with a consumption savings and a more “critical”, in favor, for example, those banks not armed operating a financial service of life and the common good, because the decisions of each day can feed the peace policy that rejects war, according to the Italian Constitution.

During the meeting, the Focolare Movement in Italy also announced the simultaneous opening of more than 15 bank accounts at the Bank’s branches Ethics by as many associative subjects expression of the Movement. The new accounts are added to those already implemented by the NGO Action for a United World (AMU) and the Economy of Communion.

The public meeting was enriched by the interventions of: Tina Marinari, Amnesty International; Don Renato Sacco of Pax Christi; Maurizio Simoncelli, vice president and co-founder of the Institute of international studies Archive Disarmament; Nicoletta Dentico, ethics Bank; Francis Nose, Economics and Happiness; Alfredo Scognamiglio, the Italian Focolare Movement.

Sergio Bassoli, spokesman for Peace Network, presented the appeal “Our united Europe, united democratic”, in occassionof 60 years on the signing of the Treaty of Rome which established the European Economic Community.
After the meeting of the Parliamentary Groups in the Hall of Montecitorio, the work continued in the afternoon at the Oratory of Caravita, with the invitation from the organizers to groped to build common political agenda to realize the morning speeches . Thus, representatives of the Focolare Movement in Italy, of Pax Christi, the international research institute Archive Disarmament, of the Political Movement for Unity and Non Dalla Guerra outlined the plan of action with their continuation of outreach work in Parliament and the government, the strengthening of the consciences of the citizens, including through the promotion of education and training projects on the issues of disarmament and critical consumption.
The goal is to involve citizens in the contents of the following government programs, 2018-2033, so that the implementation of Law 185/90 will soon find a political response.


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