11 October 2017

Young people of the legal profession come together from various countries to encounter Communion and Law

Law School took on a new meaning in Prague at the event titled Multicultural Society and Law: from fragmentation towards unity. What made the school so special, as the organisers reveal, was each experience that was lived in the light of the Ideal of unity. It was a true laboratory of dialogue, exchange and discussion, that, they emphasise, “affixed a new tile to the ‘mosaic’ of Communion and Law.”

The school held from August 31 to September 03, 2017 saw the participation of young people in the legal profession, from various national, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Many of these young people came in contact for the first time with the ‘inundation’ of Communion and Law, as Chiara Lubich, the founder of the Focolare Movement termed the “inundation of light” that enlightens the field of Law. Beyond legal talk, the participants also opened up in a communion of life, involving those from non legal backgrounds, namely, students of psychology and philosophy.

For the first time, the organisers brought to the table the “guidelines for Law” in accordance with a perspective born of the Ideal of unity. They presented speeches that the founder of the Movement, Chiara Lubich gave on various international platforms, such as those of the United Nations Organisation and of UNESCO. These were interspersed with experiences shared by the organisers, bearing witness to the reality that is possible, despite the utopia that this perspective might seem to be.

Despite the fact that most of the young people were meeting for the first time, the atmosphere of listening was profound and gave way to dialogue. They started off getting to know each other in small groups, in order to later tackle, during the workshops, legal themes such as fraternity, peace and international relations with guidance from Vincenzo Buonomo, a professor in international law.

The young people, taken up by this thought, got down to researching elements to build juridical categories enlightened by the charism. It was an affirmation of the universal value of Chiara, who continues to touch the hearts and minds of the new generations.

Christina, from the USA, encountering for the first time the inundation of Communion and Law expressed her wish that “fraternity” might find its way into the American legislation.

The student of philosophy declared: “You have a way of presenting Law that has never been seen before!”

Another youth also meeting the inundation for the first time commented on the profundity of the dialogue that took place: “Such dialogue is very rare, but very beautiful, listening and welcoming beyond all differences.”

Also new to Communion and Law, a second year Law student, was taken up by the presence of people from so many different places. She said, “It is really a strong incentive to continue to study with passion because, above and beyond the examinations, there is a whole world that moves and evolves…”

Argentina from Strasbourg has recently submitted her PhD thesis on the subject of surrogacy and its legal and economic implications. She was struck by a couple of experience that had been shared during the programme, one of these by Jan, a lawyer from the Czech Republic, mocked for being a Christian. Argentina said, “Having the courage to open up one’s heart in this manner, to gift something personal, and, in this way to demonstrate the truth of an evangelical choice and the repercussions on Law, is very important.”

Claudia, who had been confused about her future before the school, expressed what had now become clear to her: to continue studying, to do a doctorate on human rights.

The end of the school held promise for a new beginning. Giovanni revealed the collective desire to undertake something together. “Given that this is a group of people who come from various parts of the world, an interesting project could be conceived.”

The organisers expressed the joy they felt on the last day, seeing young people return to various parts of the world leaving behind a small trail of light, which they describe as: “…the ability to love each other in small gestures, in moments of reciprocal donation, in the discovery of a horizon where love and Law interpenetrate.”

Endy, of the Focolare in the USA says, “In my soul I feel immense gratitude to God. It was a meeting of so much light. I think I understand more deeply what this inundation (Communion and Law) is and what we can contribute.”

For the organisers, the unity which they tried to build among them right from the preparations of the school, is like “a ‘house’ to be built, to welcome young people and together with Chiara (Lubich), to look to new horizons.”

Aileen Carneiro

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