Genfest 2012: In the Wake of Genfest


An Audience with the Pope. Figures  about  social networks.

When the Genfest in Budapest was over,  1700  young people  who took part in it,   proceeded  to  visit the Focolare Centre in Rome.   Originating from  41 countries outside Europe,  they  took the opportunity  of  travelling to Europe   to go deeper into the values  that inspired the Genfest.

Last Wednesday they  had a general audience with the Pope and at the end,  a delegation  greeted  him personally on behalf of the  12,000 present in Budapest.

There were many positive comments  about the event in Budapest, particularly about  the  participation  through   direct internet and social networks. There were  more than four million interactions on Facebook, and the most shared post was a photo of the dome of St. Stephen’s Basilica  in front of which  bridges formed by human hands could be seen.  Access to live transmissions on internet exceeded  the 24,000.