Genfest 2012: Let’s Bridge. The Genfest takes shape!


The Genfest takes shape!

Almost ten weeks away from the Genfest  “Let’s bridge!”,  there is now a clear picture of what will be taking place during this appointment  at Budapest from the 31st August to the 2nd September 2012.

About ninety youths and adults of the Focolare Movement have concluded this picture  when they met together for the first time  after months of hard work on different aspects,   as authors, directors, producers, choreographers, costume designers and technicians.

They have managed to define the various parts of the programme for the three days of the Genfest   while following a very clear plan and including a variety of activities: from a concert to the sharing of experiences and initiatives, from moments of prayer to a Flashmob, the launch of the  United World Project.….all aimed at building bridges of brotherhood.

The 12,000  seats are practically all sold out.   Even though  the majority of  the participants will be Europeans, yet  the young people attending the Genfest  will come from all continents.  Noteworthy are  the numbers of those who will be coming from countries  very far away from Hungary: among others 180  from Argentina, 160 from Korea, 250 from the Middle East and another 40 from  Africa.

Initiatives to raise funds  for travel and participation expenses are mushrooming everywhere.  The global communion of goods which is actually taking place will make it possible for young people from poorer countries  also to attend.