Genfest 2012: Thanks Budapest!


Conclusion of  the Genfest on Sunday morning in the city ofBudapest: St Stephen’s Square, right in the  heart of the city,   set  for the celebration of  Holy Mass, welcomed  the Catholic youth of the Genfest. Mass was presided over by Cardinal Peter Erdo, Archbishop of Budapest.  Young people belonging to other  Christian Churches celebrated their liturgies in their respective places of worship, while  other venues were prepared for the 160 between Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus.  Shortly before noon, they all met in St Stephen’s Square  to unite in  a moment of silence and prayer for peace, the Time-Out.

This morning dedicated to prayer was of great importance to many who wanted to stop and reflect.  These moments of reflection gave one the chance to confirm the validity of the ideals and projects mentioned during the previous days and  also  of the various concrete experiences lived.

The next appointment is at Rio de Janiero. Two Brazilians went up on stage and invited  everyone  for World Youth Day 2013. “Let’s bridge” will continue to be part of  everyone’s   everday life through   the commitment taken during these days inBudapest.  The beautiful city of bridges on the River Danube  also contributed towards this.