Genfest Manila 2018 Day Two: Going Beyond All Borders with 110 Simultaneous Workshops and Forums



The 6,000 youth participants from all over the world found themselves in 110 simultaneous workshops and forums in venues around Manila, with topics that included politics, media, economics, culture and sports.  Yet another innovation in the 11th edition of Genfest, the topics discussed in the simultaneous workshops were voted on worldwide by the youth of the Focolare Movement.  Experts in their respective fields both local and international came together to dialogue for two and a half hours with the challenge of going beyond all borders in various hot topics from justice, migration, wellness, peace, to the arts among others. More than 200 other youth mostly of Manila joined in this special Open Day of Genfest to have a significant experience and contribution to building a united world.

As call to action from the morning’s exchanges of ideas and ideals, the participants immersed themselves into different communities in Manila as part of the Hands for Humanity (H4H) project. H4H aims to provide participants with experiential activities to enrich the knowledge gained from the preceding workshops and fora. It is an opportunity to embrace the peripheries of cities by doing concrete deeds and acts of kindness simultaneously in Metro Manila and worldwide.

Street theatre, coastal cleanup, feeding programs were among the activities that enlivened the Genfest participants. No heat or rain could stop and dampen their spirits, all smiles for a great cause.

They had to experience the challenges that the Philippines is facing everyday. The 6,000 young people also spread out to the different parts of Metro Manila in order to overcome the borders that hinder everyone from becoming one. And yes, they were up for the challenge. 11 concrete activities were successfully carried out.

ExpLo continued to welcome participants and guests through a 30-minute journey of life that is open to the public.

Returning to the hall for the afternoon program, more experiences were shared from Middle East, Spain, India bearing witness to the desire of being a light amidst the darkness enveloping the world. Through music, dances, graphic interplays, video greetings of world religious leaders, all speak of hope for the youth.

With energy unique to the youth even after a full, active day, everyone was treated to an international concert with performances by the Genfest band and the international groups Gen Verde and Gen Rosso.