United World Week 2013: Comes to an end


United World Project in progress: more than 700 initiatives towards universal brotherhood, the first developments regarding the permanent observatory.

“A united world begins with me”, said a young Frenchman summarizing this year’s experience achieved by Youth for a United World, who had the leading role in a myriad of concrete activities organized at local level.  In Nigeria, for example, 1000 Christians and Muslims, from various ethnic groups participated in the first national Genfest.  The Governor of Anambra State  and the Imam of the Muslim Community were also present. One of the participants said: “ Seeing Christians and  Muslims together at the Genfest I felt that building unity is not a dream but a reality”.

The kick-off to the United World Week took place on May 1 at Jerusalem through   a worldwide live transmission  that linked the 250 young people present there with thousands of others  the world over.  The two-way link-ups with Loppiano (FI), where 3000 young people were present, with Mumbai and Budapest reached more than a million people through social networks.

The United World Project launched last September to the 12,000 youth present at the Budapest Genfest was presented everywhere.  Through the initiative of collecting signatures on site www.unitedworldproject.org , thousands are opting for the commitment to live the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. This Project also includes the setting up of a permanent observatory, that has already registered more than 700 “fragments of fraternity”, that is, occasional or continuous initiatives carried out  by individuals or groups to promote brotherhood in everyday life.