United World Week 2015: Building universal brotherhood


Youth and children of the Focolare Movement promote initiatives that link the five continents

1st week of May 2015

United World Week, Run4Unity, Living Peace: three events in which youth of the Focolare Movement and their friends are involved; they promote initiatives to make visible their constant commitment towards peace, sharing and solidarity. Their goal is to contribute to the unity of the human family.

United World Week

A network of initiatives promoting dialogue and peace mark the first week of the month of May. Special importance has been given to interreligious dialogue, and youth representing different parts of the world participate in an international event held in Mumbai and in Coimbatore, India. The presence of three young Nepalese, struck by the humanitarian crisis caused by the earthquake that hit their country, contributes to a greater involvement in the aid campaign launched worldwide . (http://www.uww2015.com/).


Boys and girls of the Focolare Movement and their friends share the experience of a worldwide relay race that took place on Sunday, May3, 2015 from 11.00 to 12.00 in the different time zones of the world. Through this experience they want to show their commitment to build universal brotherhood. The kick-off of this relay race took place in the South Pacific Islands, and it ended 24 hours later in Hawaii. The relay baton touched 170 cities. Innumerable and original messages have been posted on the social networks under the hashtag #Run4unity.  100,000 youngsters took part in the pervious edition of this experience. (http://www.run4unity.net/2015).

Living Peace

The project “Living Peace” originated in a school in Cairo three years ago; it aims at implementing and disseminating an education and a culture of peace. Today 150,000 children, teenagers, youth and adults from more than 200 schools and universities in 103 nations are involved in this project. It was Cairo’s main event on 4, 5 and 6 May, 2015 (http://living-peace.blogspot.it/p/italiano.html).