Philippines, Pasay City

Bukas Palad Learning Center (BPLC)


Education plays an active part in all programs of the social center. The program caters to children aging from 0 to 4 years old. These years are vital in the development of the child and experts consider 0-6 years as their formative years.

The objective of the program is to encourage early childhood education to the community it serves. It is committed to provide progressive and quality early childhood education to as many poor children as possible. Through the children admitted to these community based school, the social center is able to reach out to their families, involving and giving them the opportunity to learn and grow as better parents.

The educators on the other hand are mothers and young women from the community; trained as paraprofessional teachers for them to be able to qualify to render the services of the program. Most of them, did not reach education but through the assistance and collaboration with the Community of Learners Foundation, the paraprofessional educators where given the opportunity to develop their skills and qualify for the position.