42 that left their mark

25 January 2017

At the Mariápolis Center in Cunaco, Chile, five intense days of camping with young people from different cities.

“Leave your mark” was the invitation made to a group of 42 boys and girls who dared to live the missionary camp in the Center Mariápolis of Cunaco, Chile.

Held between 9 and 13 January, just past. Boys from Coquimbo, Viña del Mar, Santiago, Cunaco, Talca, Chillan and Tomé lived these 5 days of great joy, friendship and concrete service. These guys looked for every opportunity to leave traces of fraternity between them and in the city where the Mariapolis center is located.

Everything was a good excuse: preparing breakfast, singing, playing with the little ones or going to visit the nursing home, everything was aimed at making a concrete experience of love of neighbor.

Neither could the moments of human formation and the daily encounter with Jesus Eucharist be absent. A particularly significant moment was the visit to the Sanctuary of Mount Puquillay, a Marian sanctuary that is really significant for the inhabitants of the area.

Source: Focolare.org

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