A message of solidarity

19 April 2016

Dear friends of Living Peace!
In this delicate moment in Europe, a small gesture of peace makes the news and can restore hope.
In the city of Savignano sul Rubicone (in the province of Forlì-Cesena) in ITALY, the Mayor of the city last year had invited a group of teens of Living Peace (“Teens for Unity”) to color a gray area of ​​the city with a mural, the realization of which the teens have been working on for a couple of months, which express their ideas of peace and a united world. This place is a very popular underpass that connects the center of the town with the train station.


For the inauguration of the mural, in this next Sunday, April 10th there will be the Mayor of the City and various civil and religious authorities(Christians and Muslims). 

Mr. Damiano Zoffoli, Member if the European Parliament, being aware of this project he was very happy from the initiative, especially after the events that took place in Brussels. He will be there to cut the ribbon as a sign of solidarity with the message that these teensof Living Peace want to transmit.

You are all invited to send (before Saturday morning) your message of solidarity and support that will be able to be sending to:
Living Peace Project – Murales Cittadini del Mondo
Email: miriampotenza@libero.it

Optimized 13We deeply need these small and large gestures of peace to

create this culture of peace that the world so desperately needs!


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Carlos PALMA

General Coordinator 

Living Peace International

Rome (Italy)







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