A new current – Y4UW Animators Congress

21 March 2013
130 Youth for a United World (Y4UW) animators from Portugal, Austria, Hungary, France and from all over Italy, with a small representation of the continents outside Europe, met at Castel Gandolfo for three days.
The gathering was dedicated to sharing and open dialogue that allowed us to cherish the life that ‘exploded’ before and after the international youth event in Budapest. Although, we may live far away from each other, we all felt certain that we are not alone, rather, we are bound to all those who live for the same goal: a united world!
Through the words of Chiara Lubich we really felt the reality of being ‘channels of the spirituality of unity’ for other young people, living near and far.
The greeting of Maria Voce, President of the Focolare Movement, was truly overwhelming! 
We were happy to experience how the Youth for a United World are close to her heart. She wanted to be updated in detail on the United World Project! With great enthusiasm, she encouraged us to create a ‘new current’ in our environment!
We are ready!
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