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21 September 2013

Maria Grazia and Francesco from the United World Project Commission wrote to us saying:
Dear all,
the news that we keep on receiving through the media and from the citizens about the situation in Syria capture our attention and worry us. Besides, we should also be mindful of all those forgotten conflicts, which we hardly ever hear about and yet they are equally cruel in terms of broken lives, widespread hate and misery that adds upon misery. These are situations that “cry out” an urgent request for peace among men.
For this reason, we have launched “A WALL FOR PEACE”   the United World Project website a campaign in order to appeal for peace. It is a virtual working table for dialogue, where everyone is welcomed to share his or her ideas, beliefs and even practical actionsin favour of peace. Our objective is to gather all these initiatives and views into a final letter which will be sent to the Headsof State.
The idea comes from the Youth for a United World (Y4UW) from Rio de Janeiro, and has literally unleashed a real race to the realization of this proposal.
We invite you, wherever possible, to promote this initiative for peace, but also of brotherhood.
For more information please contact us on info@unitedworldproject.org or directly to Mariagrazia mariagrazia02@gmail.com.

Mariagrazia to Francesco for the United World Project”

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