Appeal for Syria

31 August 2013

After an air raid

On August 30, the Movement for Unity in Politics issued the following Press Release:
The increasingly critical situation in Syria requires a thorough evaluation of the political and diplomatic instruments at the disposal of the international community to solve this conflict.
First of all, we believe it is urgent to explore all the remaining possibilities of negotiation in order to follow the track that was initiated in Geneva. If this path were to prove successful, it would surely bring about a great stability in the internal affairs, as well as between the Middle East countries.
Secondly, considering the seriousness of the violation, the verification of the responsibility for the use of chemical weapons should be done in the best possible way and with transparency. This assessment should be carried out by independent bodies under a UN mandate, and with full operating conditions.

United Nations

In any case, no intervention must be made without a specific United Nations mandate. Any initiative outside this context is not to be considered legitimate.
Besides, an intervention which is not accompanied by a strategy based on national reconciliation, transitional justice, and political and institutional reconstruction, agreed with all those who are involved at an internal and international level, would be inconsistent and counterproductive.
It is precisely the complexity of the Syrian crisis that confirms the need for a regional agreement for the resolution of disputes and tensions before they turn into serious conflicts. This process should be encouraged and supported in all possible ways, in every political and diplomatic encounter.

Some Syrian Y4UW

The development of peaceful and constructive relations throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East area – that foster inter-independent paths of equitable development, pluralistic and balanced growth among the populations of the region – demands undertaking the responsibility for bilateral and multilateral relations with these countries and draws into the picture all governments, societies and citizens. 
We therefore address a strong appeal to the organisms of the international community and to all parties concerned to take urgent steps – with the full awareness of the consequences of their choices – leading to a just and long-lasting peace.

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