“By the way while walking-2” “عالماشي”

10 July 2013
A “fragment of fraternity” that shapes the UNITED WORLD PROJECT.
Amman, Jordan
14 June 2013
One-Day Event – involving 65 young people with 15 promoters


Youth for a United World (Y4UW) group celebrated the United World Week 2013 by organizing “عالماشي- 2” as one of their social/environmental activities. Around 65 youth participated in the event that took place in different districts of Amman. The event included different phases, each participant tried to spread his/her desire to commit and make Amman a brighter and more colourful city! Our activities included: painting pavements, cleaning streets, distributing paper bags for cars’ garbage and distributing environmental brochures to the pedestrians, thanks to Greater Amman Municipality who have been a great support. The United World Project was launched at the end of the event where each participant planted a flower bush as his/her commitment to build a UNITED WORLD.
Local residents and pedestrians
In collaboration with:
Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), TOTAL Jordan, Umnia Telecommunication, Royal TV, Radio Hawa Amman, Petra News, ITALFOOD Industry (Maretti), Saidawi Website Design and Press
Not only is Amman cleaner with less trash and more colours, but also it has influenced the local community some of whom also decided to help us out. Furthermore, many participants have committed themselves to live the Golden Rule which says “Do to others what you would like them do to you” by signing the petition of the United World Project.
This activity has been a boost to the participants’ enthusiasm to work even more for our local community especially after seeing all the positive reaction from the community and the media.

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