Carlo and Alberto: Friendship for sanctity

29 September 2016

The cause for the beatification of Carlo Grisolia and Alberto Michelotti started in Genoa on 25 September 2008. The two Focolare youths had committed their lives to living the Gospel together in a radical way.

Alberto Michelotti was born in Genoa on August 1958. He was an engineering student, head of a group of youths of the Focolare Movement, and loved to put himself in the last place to serve others. A mountain climbing enthusiast, on 20 August 1980 he fell during an ascent, and died in an iced gorge in the Maritime Alps.

The day after his death, Carlo Grisolia, another boy in his group, was diagnosed with one of the most malignant tumours, and so started his 40-day stint of passing on the baton “to meet Jesus,” during which he often affirmed that as always, Alberto was there with him to give him support.

Carlo GrisoliaBoth were real troopers of the spirituality of communion, and still today continue to touch the hearts of the people who knew them. The Church thus introduced their cause for beatification (see the blog Beatified Saints).

What was the secret to their lives? It was the discovery and practice of the spirituality of Chiara Lubich, a collective path that leads to the reaching of sanctity together. Here are some spontaneous impressions found in their website:

Sara. “For me they were models of people I could look up to since they became saints by helping and loving one another, without being “different” from many others. Carlo and Alberto give me the hope of being always capable of starting anew and living like them, focusing my life on sanctity. Donatello. “I feel the need not to lose contact with them and their extraordinary experience. I also wish to communicate to as many people as possible, the story of these youths who opened themselves to their neighbours with enthusiasm, and without hesitation.”

Ornella. “I learned about them by chance, and got to know their story in depth on the internet where I read their profiles. Their life was an extraordinary story of normal people. They are like luminous trails that lead to God… I hope many will be able to read their story; there is need today of strong testimonials like theirs!”

E. “Like two strikes of lightning out of the blue, Carlo and Alberto suddenly and rapidly shone. They burst into my life to strike me, and I think, also other people who knew them.”

A.A. “In just a few years Carlo and Alberto accomplished deeds which many of us are unable to do in their lives. They were determined, dynamic, and had the drive to sacrifice their lives for the project God had in store for them, like white canvases to be painted on. God did so and they embraced the faith even in the moment of death. I as a youth admire these two boys a lot. They are models for all of us.”

Documentary (Italian) 

Their website, other videos, info, photos and the possibility to free downloading, also in DVD format.


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