Cebu Youth Camp 2010

3 May 2010
We just finished a very beautiful youth camp together with 70 young people of Cebu City . It was a two-day gathering in the mountains filled with songs, games and workshops which allowed us to concretely experience true unity, openness and friendship.
During the youth camp, we highlighted the role of the young people in politics in the light of our upcoming national elections on the 10th of May.  We shared to the youth Chiara’s talk on Brotherhood in Politics which made us understand that politics is the “love of all loves”.  Through the workshops, the youth were able to create a profile of their ideal candidates. We realized that more than just electing the best candidate based on our moral conscience, we can really become proponents of change if we work together with them because as Chiara says, “in unity there is strength.”
Our commitment  for “new politics” in our country does not end on election day, but must continue; thus, we have planned a series of activities to sustain this enthusiasm to build fragments of unity through social, environmental and cultural projects. 
            The next appointment we have with the youth will be a Night of Music and Prayer for a Clean and Orderly Election, which will be held on May 9, the eve of our first automated national election. On election day itself, the gen with some youth, will volunteer as poll watchers and we have been assigned to our city and provincial halls. We also ask for all your unity and prayers.
            We tried to connect with you for the live link up on May 1 but unfortunately, our internet connection was too weak.
Ever ready to sow “seeds’ of love and unity,
The New Youth of Cebu

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