Cleaning up in Amman, Jordan

3 July 2013

“We hope you are doing very well 🙂

We are very glad to tell you that our last event, “3al Mashi 2” has been a gift from God to all the youth. Several media channels: a national radio channel, a national TV channel and a national paper have covered this event. It was a boost to all the youth in finding a positive reflection on our united efforts for our community. Once again we realized that we are truly successful only when we work as one, with honesty and responsibility towards each other. Teens for unity have also been of great help and they have given us even more hope and energy :). We summed up our event with the United World Project (UWP) and collected some signatures. One of the participants wrote the following: 

“The most challenging part was to clean certain poor areas of Amman where we have never been before. In these parts of the city, there are a usually many uneducated children who do not usually allow others to enter.

While we were cleaning, there were many people on the road and they watched us as we worked. At first I was a bit afraid as I was not sure on how they would react. Surprisingly, we were joyfully welcomed and many came to thank us while we were working.

They were amazed by the fact that young adults like us were willing to give up our time to clean the streets. The thing we enjoyed most was seeing how proud the usual street workers were. They were not used to have someone assist them, and because there were so many of us, it showed how much we cared, something that a lot of residents and workers did not expect.”

We thank you very much for the mutual love that unites as even if we are so far from one another and gives us the energy and willingness to build a United World.

Anwar, Shatha and Y4UW Jordan and Iraq”

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