Cuba: We are with you!

3 January 2013

Santiago, Cuba. “The destruction caused by hurricane Sandy has caused much damage especially in Santiago. Reconstruction has not yet begun because the Government had also been taken by surprise. Indeed because of the geographical landscape of Santiago which is encircled by mountains, hurricanes usually arrive from the sea and since they are blocked by the natural barrier formed by the mountain range, generally they move away without leaving any damage. In this case the hurricane managed to enter and remain within the area for three hours, spinning like a kitchen blending machine. The damages suffered by sixteen families, with whom we are in contact with, amounts to 42,000 Euros. The money gathered through the United World Project, though insufficient, has already been handed to them. The time needed for reconstruction is difficult to estimate as it depends on the availability of the construction materials which is very scarce due to the embargo that afflicts the island since many years. The supply of such materials is usually very limited and random availability, thus slowing down any construction work. Presently, only limited quantities of cement, wood and reinforcement steel are available. When the required materials do reach the island, it is necessary to have the necessary funds on hand in order to purchase them before the supply runs out. We are grateful for the assistance we have already received as we continue to hope in everyone’s future support.”

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