From “Atlas of Universal Fraternity”, Adelaide, Australia

23 August 2016

Adelaide, Australia

Latitude 34° 56’ 0” S Longitude 138° 36’ 0” E

In her eyes Anna has a youthful vitality.

She recently graduated in “Interaction Design and Electronic Arts”. For years she has been suffering from a rare form of skin cancer: Gorlin syndrome. “At first it was hard – she says – because the treatments were frequent, painful and invasive. I was so tired and demoralized that I tended to isolate myself. I did not have much social interaction. Thanks to the support of my family and many friends, I understood that even this was an opportunity to open up to other people. I asked myself whether it would be possible to create a support group for people suffering from this terrible disease. Today we are working to create an app for smartphones, the “Aim”, which stands for “Art is Med”, that will be useful to connect and give voice to patients all over the world so that they feel less alone. The app will make it possible for the patients to share online their education, job and passions, but also to establish contacts with specialists, doctors and clinics. This way, thanks to the companies and organizations from various scientific areas that support the initiative, users will be able to share their problems. Today there is already a team working in this direction thanks to a website that was set up to support the action; the team has been joined by some support groups in the United Kingdom and in the USA who have promoted this approach on their websites. To date there are 23 families online and many others are showing their interest in the initiative”.

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