From “Atlas of Universal Fraternity”, Amman, Jordan

21 July 2016

Amman, Jordan

Latitude: 31° 57’ 18” N Longitude: 35° 56’ 42” E

Now a word from Joseph: “During the war in Iraq in 2003, many refugees came to my city to find shelter.

They were exhausted and, since they were neither citizens nor residents, Iraqi children could not go to school. With Youth for a United World we started a course of Arabic, English, Math and Science that kept them busy for three hours two times a week, so that they could keep up-to-date with the school syllabus. It started with a small group of young people in a small room of the “Cilizian House” in an atmosphere of friendship and dialogue, interacting and sharing stories. The group then became bigger and we needed bigger rooms that were offered to us by the “Terrasanta College” managed by Franciscan monks. In this way 30 or 40 students could attend the courses each semester”.

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