Genfest Nigeria 2013

11 May 2013

We the Youth for a United World of Nigeria have successfully concluded our Genfest which took place on the 4th May, 2013. It was held at Justice Chuba Ikpeazu stadium Onitsha, the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Its experience was wonderful, interesting, educative and at the same time, a spiritual one. Being the first Genfest organized by the Gen movement of our country, we had so many challenges, however, through mutual love we were able to overcome those challenges.

The Genfest was attended by a lot of people from different ethnics groups, religions and cultures numbering up to 1000. Also in attendance was the governor of Anambra state represented by the commissioner of Education and a lot of dignitaries. The Archbishop of the diocese sent his letter and blessings. Some Muslims also where present including the chief Imam of the Muslim community in the State.

With this Genfest, held in our country Nigeria, we believe that a new Nigeria has been born.

Thank you, with love and Unity from all the Gen from Nigeria.



Some impressions:

“I Am the president in my church “let’s bridge” is the best theme have ever heard so far because it encourages unity, peace, and happiness among people of different color, culture and different behaviour.” (Akmola Micheal )

“Having witnessed Christians and Muslims together in the Genfest, I felt that building unity is not a dream but a reality. I learnt to be courageous and determined to do something without fear.” (Joseph Oghiotaphure)

“I was a wonderful experience that one will never forget. I want to be a full member of the Focolare.” (Enajite)

“The Genfest yesterday was a first class one.” (Steve)

“The Genfest seems like a light in the darkness which is the only source of hope.” (Marvelous)

“Everything was perfect; the programme, performances, strong experiences (Ijeoma)

“Genfest Nigeria 2013 is the most enlightening gathering of young people I have ever been to. Having heard of the Youth for a United World previously, I came expectant but my expectations were far exceeded. Hearing the experiences of young people living what they preach; seeing the message of peace and unity shared via dances and songs was the highlight of the programme for me. I left with a resolve not just to do what I had learnt but to fully become a part of this wonderful family. (Enajite)

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