Holy Land – Day 5

28 April 2013

New and exciting adventures filled up our day: in the morning a long trip towards the North. 1st stop Mount Tabor: as somebody said “an unforgetable experience of re-living Jesus’ transfiguration and its consequences in our daily life.” As everyday at noon, we dedicated a minute for the Timeout4Peace. “Being here in the Holy Land, I find this moment even more significant,” a girl said.

In the afternoon, we headed to Nazareth. Places that speak with no words. The Church of Annunciation, where it’s believe to be the place where the angel announced to Mary that she was going to become the mother of Jesus. 

Afterwards more than one of us said that they felt the impellent desire to say Yes to what God may want from them.

Then the day concluded with a beautiful moment of communion in which some of us shared what these days have been for them:

“In our Country, the media shows us the Middle East conflicts as the only things going on here… These days I discovered that there are so many beautiful things that are not shown: for example, the hospitality of its inhabitants are surprisingly great.”

“Coming here was for me like a dream come true… And I’ll always treasure this experience. No matter where we’ll be, we’ll always feel we’re united.”

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