Holy Land – Day 6

29 April 2013



Our adventure went on: early morning visit to Capernaum, places that remind us of the figure of the Apostle Peter. Being stones like Peter, on which we want to build solid bridges of love and fraternity.




Then the crossing of Lake Tiberias, during which we made the TimeOut4Peace and some reflections on the various events that happened 2,000 years ago on the lake: the call of the 12, Jesus walking on water, calming of the storm … We also feel “called”, we also need to see miracles in our lives, we also have storms to be ‘calmed down’. But above all, we aim to put love at the center of our relationships, both among ourselves and with others whom we come to meet… And this love, the love brought by Jesus, can do wonders, and can calm all the storms of life.

Right after lunch, we headed to the Mount of the Beatitudes. A beautiful and silence place, with a great view over Tiberias Lake. For us the Beatitudes coud be considered pillars in any attempt to build bridges with people…


Evening in Haifa: Genverde e Genrosso concert with local youth. After a series of workshops, there they were: full of energy and most of all, giving witness that a united world is really possible, not only, it is already in action!!

Today back to Jerusalem: the Cenacle and the Holy Sepulchre. At 7pm we will be at the Symposium “Finding the humanity of other” at the Kehilat Yedidya, an Orthodox synagogue.

See you!

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