Holy Land – Day 7

30 April 2013




Another great day! The TimeOut4Peace was done in the basilica-fortress that surrounds the Holy Sepulchre. The Golgotha was the next we visited.




In the afternoon, a unique meeting: Christians and Hebrews together in a Synagogue in a profound interchange enriched by the presence of a Muslim who like the others also shared his experience of interreligious dialogue.

Two youth for a united world, 

Nali from Portugal and Lara from Jerusalem, shared how they live fraternity in their everyday life.






Enthusiasm and total commitment filled up the Kehilat Yedidya Synagogue and heart of everyone.





Sad to say that tomorrow is the last day of this wonderful, magnificent , unforgettable journey in this splendid place, the Holy Land.

In the morning we’ll visit the famous Western Wall, also known as Wailing Wall. 

In the afternoon, our most awaited moment together:

3:00 pm – flashmob & peace rallyfrom Jaffa Gateto the “Ancient Roman Steps”.

4:00 pm leaving a visible mark near the “Ancient Roman Steps”

5:30 pm World Wide Link-Up* from the “Steps” (Follow the live streaming at http://live.focolare.org/uww2013/.): End of the Genfest year & opening of the United World Week 2013. A two-way link-up with Hungary (Budapest- local time 4:30pm), India (Mumbai-local time 8:00pm), Italy (Florence-4:30pm) and Switzerland (UN Geneva-local time 4:30pm).

Then celebration “in family”.

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