Holy Land – Day 8

1 May 2013

Our trip to the Holy Land ends tonight

Thanks to the live streaming and the satellite broadcast through Telepace and Telepadrepio it was possible to link together the 200 young people present here at the ‘Steps’ of Jerusalem with a large number of Youth all over the world (we do not know yet how many …)

Highly successful link up with Loppiano (Florence), Mumbai and Budapest … Distances were annulated! We were one!

Before concluding the link up, an olive tree was planted as a sign of brotherhood in the park that will be built in the place where the event took place!

Finally it was announced to all, the city that will host the opening of the United World Week 2014: Nairobi!

A big thanks to everyone for having joined us!

The journey to the Holy Land comes to an end, but the United World Project is just beginning!


To watch the flash mob click here!             Impressions: part 1, part 2, part 3

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