United world week 2020

17 February 2020

Have you ever thought about organizing a United World Week (UWW) event in your city?

What is the UWW?

From 1 to 7 May each year, the United World Week is an opportunity to highlight what is already being done on the planet to build a more united and fraternal world.


Established in 1995, it is promoted by the Focolare Movement in collaboration with other groups, movements, associations, as well as local, national, and international institutions that have Universal Brotherhood at heart.

Pathways for a United World

The United World Week is also an important element of the 6-year journey proposed by the Pathways for a United World. In fact, the title of the UWW 2020 is “IN TIME FOR PEACE” in reference to this year’s pathway (2019/2020) that is focused on the issues of Human Rights, Peace, Legality, and Justice.

How can you participate?

Look at your city, your country. Start from the challenges of your region and promote debates, events, actions, or concrete projects that can:

Inspire a new generation of peacemakers;
Recognize and promote Human Rights;
Promote the practice of legality against all forms of corruption;
Ensuring better access to Justice and defending the dignity of every person’s life.

UWW 2020 Kit

To help you, we created a kit, downloadable here:> KIT UNITED WORLD WEEK 2020_ENG. Inside, you will find some general information, directions for Communication, and the “Pathway of Human Rights, Peace, Legality, and Justice” manifesto.

So that actions taken locally can reinforce each other in telling the world that we are still “IN TIME FOR PEACE” we invite you to share them on social media, following the directions you will find in the KIT. Click for more information




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