Jordan: Y4UW with Syrian children

2 April 2013

From the Y4UW in Jordan:

“These past few weeks have been a strong experience of mutual love among us Youth for a United World. As you may already know, a mother of one of us was suffering from leukaemia and she passed away in the midst of our preparations for our last event, the movie for the Syrian Children. Before she left, she asked one of us to take care of the youth, and that is why we have worked together to fulfil her will. The success of the event was not only that we have built new bridges with the Syrian Children or that they were very happy but it was our strong experience of unity. Many new youth have participated, youth who have surprised us with their will to build this united world. Some of them, without even explaining the United World Project, signed right away solely for their belief in the united world.

You can watch a small video about the event which we also posted through our Facebook page:


The video is in Arabic but has English subtitles.”

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