Launching of the United World Project in Zambia

15 April 2013
“MWALONGANENIPO MUKWAI?” (Greeting for the afternoon in Bemba)
“Well, I am here today, representing the Youth for a United World (Y4UW), a branch of the Focolare Movement.
What I am about to tell you is something really interesting! I hope that all of you will get this great idea! Or at least, become curious about it. It is something that has emerged from the youth but it is open to everyone else! It is the “United World Project”.
Last year I was in Europe, and I attended an international meeting in Budapest – Hungary. It was the Genfest 2012, a youth meeting like this DYD (Diocesan Youth Day), we were youth coming from all over the world. We were more than 12,000 present in Budapest and connected to more than half a million youth through the social networks. The theme of the Genfest was “Let’s Bridge”. The aim was to build “bridges of fraternity” between different peoples, different cultures, different ages…
And it was there, in the Genfest that this new project was launched. Since then, we are working very hard on this project.
With the “United World Project” we are promoting the United World, promoting Universal Fraternity, by showing the whole world that the world is called to Unity. Exactly as Jesus said into His prayer to the Father: “Father, that all maybe one, as Me and You, We are One!
And we can see that in the history of humanity, all peoples of the world are marching in this direction. Even if it is slow march, it is an unstoppable journey towards universal fraternity.
We can see it, for example, in the way the world is been organized. Here in Africa there is the SADC that tries to unite the Southern part of Africa. In South America there another organization that aims at the same goal: MERCOSUR. Same goes with the European Union in Europe… Then, of course, we all know about the United Nations.
All this, and many other things assure us that unity is the future of the world. But the unity that Jesus gives us is here and now.
We are youth, it is very true that we are the future of humanity, but we are also the present!
Do we want to show the world that we are present committed to this ideal!?
As youth today, what can we give to the world!?
What can Zambia give to the entire world!?
It is clear that each and every one of us has gifts to give. The gifts received from God.
So, basically, the “United World Project” is raising awareness that each person is called to universal fraternity, and this already exists.
“Tulimisepela Bonse Pamo na Yesu Kristu.” (“We are youth, together, with Christ”)
“Ukwi Katana Cintu Iciayanguka muli Kristu.” (“The Unity is possible, in Christ”)
Joel Pina
Ndola, Zambia

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