Lebanese Y4UW in action

5 March 2011
Following last november’s “Youth for a United World – Y4UW” animators’ school we had many chances to get together and share the fruits of living the spirituality of unity, both individually as well as collectively.
Our first opportunity occured when a group of 23 Lebanese Y4UW travelled to Halab and Homs in order to visit the Syrian Y4UW. We spent the whole weekend together, touring historical and religious sites.

Around Christmas time, we were invited by Rima, a teacher at a school in Beirut, to carry out a fundraising event along with her students. The raised funds were intended to buy a hearing device for a deaf and mute child.
On Christmas eve, we were busy supporting “Mission de Vie”, a missionary community committed to helping the poor, the elderly and the homeless. Together, we prepared lunch for the families and many gift packs for the children. We also took part in an entertaining show that lasted for a couple of hours. We all returned home very happy to have spread Christmas joy in the hearts of people in need.

Clara and some Y4UW got in touch with IndyACT, an NGO devoted for the environmental cause, who were preparing for the National Day for Zero Waste. They carried out a clean-up of Sin-el-Fil, a public park in Beirut metropolitan area. Later they sent their picture holding banners against waste incinerators to IndyACT.  

Our Ain Aar waste recycling project, launched during 2010 United World Week (UWW) is underway. ‘Ain Aar Recycles’ is being administered by a small group of Y4UW, who are working their way to promote the project and attract other volunteers. They gather at a warehouse, offered by the municipality, in order to sort out recyclable plastics which will be eventually sold to a factory that will produce PVC pipes out of this material.

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