Mumbai, India: “Let’s Bridge!”

25 December 2012
Many warm greetings from Mumbai, India!
We had the opportunity to participate in the annual Christmas celebration hosted by Cardinal Oswald Gracias. It was an event where religious leaders of various faiths joined in to celebrate Christmas together with the Cardinal and other representatives of the local Church.
The theme this year was “Faith in God brings hope to the world”.
As part of the event, there was a forum where the representatives of the great religions provided an insight into the challenges faced by our societies today ranging from breakdown of the institution of the family, to problems encountered by youth, intolerance etc…
At one point, one of the participants (a representative of the Hindu religion) mentioned that our youth are not a problem rather adults are at fault because they have failed to offer them an ideal to live for.
After this panel discussion, the Youth for a United World were invited to present themselves. We introduced ourselves as young people who have chosen God as the Ideal of our life. We also shared our commitment to live the Golden Rule, putting it into practice in our initiatives at various levels, in particular the United World Project. We explained that through this project we want to spread and promote the culture of universal brotherhood thus bringing hope to the world. With the desire, to express what we try to live, we presented a choreography: “Bridges of Hope”.
At the end of the celebration, we went to greet the Cardinal personally and share more about the United World Project and here you see him with us saying “Let’s Bridge!”
Merry Christmass to all,
Vivek & Andrea

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