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5 January 2011

October 31 – Halloween party to raise money for the people of Manilla 

Y4UW organised samba music, mask making, prizes for the best costumes, a bar, a coordinated dance to Thriller, decorated the hall, food and drink.

We held the party to raise money for people in Manilla, the Philippines, who were devastated by the floods there. Around one hundred people joined the festivities and £150 was raised. 


5 Dec 2009 Political activism – joining in the march in London to halt climate change before the Copenhagen meeting

Frozen but happy, after “Stopping the Heat” and joining The Wave, on a cold, wet December afternoon, along with tens or hundreds of thousands including a cool Italian couple who joined us all the way!! Great day folks!!!!’ Mike Beresford

17th April 2010 – Make an Impact Y4UW weekend  

An innovative weekend in Welwyn Garden City with workshops focusing on the media hosted by our own Claire Price and Johanna Carter. We filmed our own short silent films – each exploring how we use modern technology in our daily lives and what changes we would like to drive. Some of the videos recruited members of the public. Topics included do we use our phones to do good or do they stop us seeing the good things around us? and a brilliant film of Giovanna running through Welwyn town centre to switch the light off – a humorous look at energy efficiency.

There was also an evening of Craftivism – making inspiring messages with a needle and thread to drive the change that you want to see in the world, to inspire somebody who sees it or to make someone smile.

6th June 2010 – Interfaith ‘trialogue’


A Person of Faith in a Secular Society: Personal Perspectives



Youth for United World;

Joseph Interfaith Foundation;

Islamic Unity Society;

“It’s great to see that young people of different faiths are eager to get to know each other and each other’s faiths. There was an attitude of deep respect. We also had a tour of the Synagogue where the event was held.” 

Over 40 people came to Newtown in central Wales to learn about how they can balance and revitalise their lives by living each of the colours.

We created workshops based on the yellow, red, blue and violet and each group presented their workshop to the whole group. For example, the yellow group created the vigil, the blue group created a performance of sound and instruments made from local materials, the red group organised an activity to make adverts and the violet group played games on the theme of communication.

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