Showtime for solidarity – Charity concert for Syria in Vienna

20 December 2016

Classical music and pop ballet, contemplative and groovy, musical and culinary: an evening full of variety and solidarity with Syrian refugees and this already for the fourth time.

As on previous occasions, the charity concert was a joint project realized by the Youth for a United World in Vienna and the youth of Mor Ephrem of the Syrian Orthodox community.

Around 200 people have made their way through the frosty December night and generously gave support to help Syrian refugees.

Among the active groups on stage “SingsVoices” performed, a mixed choir of young people some of whose hearing is impaired or deaf, all of whom wished a heartfelt “Feliz Navidad” singing with voice and with gestures.

David Watzl presented the “Aktion Weitblick” (Action Perspicacity), a humanitarian aid for refugees within Europe and at the outer European borders. He himself spent a few weeks this summer in a refugee camp in Turkey: gaming afternoons for children, hygienic training and much more was implemented by a team of volunteers of Aktion Weitblick.

The Syrian dance group “Ishtar” concluded the charity concert, bringing movement to the entire hall to a lively oriental music.

During the ensuing buffet, protagonists, visitors and refugees met, and got the opportunity to know each other and find out more about the projects that will be supported by the proceeds.

Thus, an evening of solidarity found its conclusion in a warm atmosphere of brotherhood.


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