Syrian children to unite in prayer on Oct 6

30 September 2016

On October 6, there will be a gathering of Christian and Muslim children of Aleppo, Syria to pray for peace. As stated by Archbishop Boutros Marayati, the head of the Armenian Catholic archeparchy in Aleppo, the children, mostly primary school-aged, will sign an appeal, pleading with all world leaders to help to end the ongoing violence in their country. “We trust in the fact that children’s prayer is more powerful than ours,” added the Archbishop.

Photos and videos have brought to the surface the excruciating condition of Syrian children caught in the the war. The situation has only worsened, after an attempted ceasefire failed, as did a humanitarian truce instated by the United Nations.

The Syrian civil war has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and has displaced millions of people, half of whom are believed to be children. It began in March 2011 and is being fought between the Syrian government’s regime and several rebel groups. Continual appeals have been made by the Catholic leaders in the city to the international faith community, for humanitarian aid. General Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary emphasized on the failure of the international community in this conflict.

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