Taiwan: “Our Africa”

16 November 2014

Solidarity with our friends who are dealing with the Ebola outbreak

“Here in Taiwan there has not been much news about the Ebola outbreak, apart from when there seemed to be some danger that it might spread outside of Africa. For most people, it’s a far away problem that has nothing to do with them. But we Y4UW (both those from Taiwan and some international students who are studying Chinese here) felt differently because everyone in this world is part of the same human family.

Thanks to a friend who had lived in Sierra Leone we were able to get in touch with John, who is part of Y4UW in Sierra Leone. He told us about the terrible situation that everybody was in, shortages of food, rising prices, people dying, and a government that doesn’t have enough resources to help, and also about the efforts that he and others were making to provide some assistance to people in need.

So, we decided we had to take action, and set about organising a cake sale.

Although it was only a small thing we all felt so happy because at least we were no longer helpless and passive in facing such a huge suffering. Spending time together baking the cakes also helped us to strengthen our friendship and gave us a renewed impulse to promote peace and unity in our everyday lives. There were also moments of doubt about whether we could really sell all the cakes that we had made, but we decided to go ahead, trusting that if we did it out of love then everything would work out.

On the day of the sale it was really amazing because we sold everything, and some people even donated extra money so that we made far more than we expected. Even more important, lots of people became more aware of the terrible suffering that Ebola is causing, and saw how Y4UW is truly living for the whole human family. By chance, three Africans happened to pass by and thanked us for what we were doing for “our Africa”. But one of us answered, “not your Africa, our Africa”, which really summed up the spirit of the whole occasion.

Now we are planning a second activity, a flashmob in a shopping mall, where we will sing Christmas carols. Maybe some of you can join us in your own countries …!!!!”

Y4UW in Taiwan

Two impressions:

Chung Hao: “When I heard about the Ebola epidemic,  I did not know how to help them, and this charity event, although only a small contribution, made me feel that when all the young people are united we are a potent force, not only in helping concretely, because I believe we have awakened the concern of friends around.”

Xin Ci: “The cake sale was an important occasion to contribute something for those who are suffering because of Ebola, even though it was small. When I arrived and saw the tables covered in beautiful, tasty cakes I saw how much effort people had put in and I was really moved. I always wanted to do something for this world, and these small acts, done with the infinite love of everyone can be communicated to every corner of the world. I really felt happy to take part in this event with my friends.”

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