The courage to speak – Zimbabwe

2 November 2012

Giving your personal witness and sharing your convictions without waiting for favourable conditions opens up the chance of new life. Stories of ‘Good news. People who believe, people who act.’

‘I am a sales assistant in a clothes shop. It is a job that I like, because it gives me the possibility to build relationships with our customers. One woman, in particular, often comes to the shop and buys clothes for her daughter in Australia. Before purchasing them, she asks me to try them on because she says that I look like her daughter. She shares with me a lot about her, even confidential things.

‘One day I saw her coming, but as I looked at her face, I immediately realized that something was different. She looked sad and exhausted. In fact, she had come to talk to me. She had found out that her daughter in Australia was in a relationship with a man who is much older than her. Both she and her husband wanted their daughter to return home, however, a few days earlier her daughter had phoned them up telling them that she was pregnant and wanted to get an abortion. The woman was confused, angry and full of harsh feelings. All the same, she thought that getting rid of the child was the only possible solution. Basically, she hoped that sooner or later her daughter would come back home.

Up till that moment, I had always tried to fit in with her and what she wanted – after all she was the customer. But in that moment I felt very strongly that I had to say what I really thought. I also wanted to help her in some practical way, and not just sharing her burden. I asked her for her daughter’s phone number. I decided to try calling her up and talk to her. I prayed that I might find the right words. To my surprise she was happy to speak with me! She told me that she wanted to have an abortion but she hoped she would die as well. The sorrow for having incurred so much suffering on her parents was too burdensome especially after all they had done for her. However, amidst all that sorrow, I sensed a tiny light of hope, as well as, a sincere sorrow for having made her parents suffer. Therefore, I spoke to her mother, explaining that her daughter was sorry and wanted to start again.

‘After that I actually met the daughter and her boyfriend. They did not have an abortion, and in fact they wanted to get married so as to give the baby a family. The future grandparents were very grateful for my support.’

(Twinette, Zimbabwe)

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