The price “Chiara Lubich: Manfredonia città per la fratellanza universale” for Youth for a United World

27 March 2017

The youth for united world have received the prize “Premio Chiara Lubich: Manfredonia città per la fratellanza universale” 2017 edition on March 18, 2017. Promoted in Manfredonia by the “New World”.

The award was given with the following grounds: The Youth for a United World is spread over five continents of different ethnicities, nationalities, cultures, of different Christian denominations, different religions and non-religious convictions, which represents a commendable testimony in believing that united world can be possible;to make humanity one family with their social and cultural actions at the same time respecting each other’s indentity. Particularly, the commmitment to work and spread the UNITED WORLD PROJECT.

MarcoThe event was held at the “Cristanziano Serricchio” auditorium of the Palazzo Celestini.
Receiving the award on behalf of all the Youth for a United World, is Marco Desalvo, their representative and Global Head of the 

Youth for a United World.

Along side with them, other organizations and people who are commited to work on behalf of humanity were awarded. Doctors without Borders; the National Corps of Fire Brigades; the Bed & Breakfast of David and Carla Santetti of Lastra a Signa, converted into a center for the reception of refugees of different nationalities; the Christian community of Aleppo, represented by the Najjar family; Dino Impagliazzo who is 86 years old, involving hundreds of volunteers in helping the many poor in the Roman stations Tuscolana and Ostiense. Antonella Lombardo, a choreographer, through the association “Harmony among people”, spreading hope and confidence, especially among young people and children of various continents.The Institute Sacred Heart of Manfredonia for its training of generations, for over 50 years; the Furii-Bocedi spouses for their life experience dedicated to African people.

talkThe association “New World”, organizer of the award, was established in 1987 as an association for the protection of rights and the development of human.
The current president of the association, Emanuela Troiano, says: “The association was founded by our parents. We, the young people have grown up in this climate of values ​​based on universal brotherhood, especially considering man’s center of interest in political, social, economic. Ours is a small voluntary association but all these years it has made a lot of solidarity and fraternity initiatives consistent with its own strengths and financial resources. In fact, we self-financed because we believe that this is the concept of volunteering
The prize “Premio Chiara Lubich: Manfredonia città per la fratellanza universale” was born seven years ago, and has been named after Chiara Lubich, for the value of his testimony and her life in spreading the universal value of fraternity among all men.



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