United World Week – Goa (India) …1 May 2010

7 May 2010
Let’s face the Challenge – as the title for this year suggests, was the aim that we set when we started preparing for the events of the United World Week.

It was weeks of preparation in order to put together a 2 hour programme consisting of songs, experiences and a special moment dedicated to Chiara Luce to introduce the young people to our goal of building a more united world.

We were around 40 youth present on the 1st of May, many of whom made their first contact with the Youth for a United World. Our experiences and the witness of Chiara Luce’s life immediately struck a deep chord in the hearts of all.

To follow up immediately with concrete actions, we invited those present, to join us in supporting the ‘Arms Down’ Project with their signatures.

With this, we then launched further commitments, both personal and collective to be carried out during the week.

On Monday, 3rd May a group of 7 of us Youth for a United World made a visit to the Home for the Aged at Bogmalo, in the South of Goa, where we sang songs & spent time with the elderly people. Our enthusiasm & joy finally conquered a lady in the Home who was depressed and angry and wouldn’t smile from the time we got there. Towards the end of our visit though, she was singing aloud along with us.

Another trip was paid to Shanti Avedhna, a home for terminally ill persons, on the 6th of May. We felt that it was a special experience being there to give courage to these people. In a few words we narrated the story of Chiara Luce throwing light on the fact that, inspite of her sufferings, she always loved. The patients were extremely happy on seeing us, as we shared in their lives, talking and cheering them up. It was an occasion to give hope!

Besides these visits, we are also going ahead with our personal commitment to live the motto that we have proposed for each day of this week: pray for peace, make a new friend, keep the environment clean, do an act of love for a stranger, smile, give something you treasure for a good cause and keep your room clean!

Our follow up appointment will be on the 9th of May in the focolare to share our experiences and participate in the world wide link up call.

The Youth for a United World of Goa

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