USA: Hurricane Sandy Aftermath – “LET’S GIVE!”

5 November 2012

The Y4UW from New York wrote us the following email:

“We want to give you some news after the Hurricane Sandy. 
Many states in the east coast were hit and the amount of damage is huge and still difficult to calculate. Communications have been cut off in the areas most affected and only now we are being able to get in touch with many of our people in the communities. They are all well but many still without electricity, phone connections and gasoline. The public transportation is also not fully running which makes it even harder to move around and go to help. We know of two families that lost their houses with all their belongings. The local communities are close to them doing all that they can: cooking meals, giving them a warm place to sleep, pumping out the water, washing clothes, etc.
In these last few days the cities, especially New York are organizing different help initiatives and asking for volunteers. Some of the youth together with the gen are helping now one of our families and are looking into opportunities to collaborate with the city and the Archdioceses in initiatives such as: giving blood, distributing food and clothing, etc.  There is a slogan that our youth start using among them: Let’s give!
All this is still at the first stages and we will keep you informed as we receive more news. Meanwhile we count on all your unity and prayers so that this big suffering of our people can be an opportunity to build unity and the united world.”

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