UWW start up in Brasilia

10 May 2013
Saturday, April 27, was the opening of the United World Week in Brasilia, in the auditorium of the Administration Wansbeck, within the series “Seminars for Citizenship” organized by the Movement for unity in politics (MPPU).

Through theatre and personal experiences, some young people presented the Youth for a United World, the goal of the United World Week and United World Project. They stressed that the construction of a united world begins at home in everyday life through small gestures and so together we can make big things until we reach Universal Brotherhood, the realization of the ideal of a united world.

After sharing various testimonies, from volunteering in NGO’s to small things carried out at home within the family, the participants were offered a chance to narrate their own experiences and ask questions. This created an enthusiasm among the audience with regards the United World Project and great willingness to work together for a united world.

Congressman Izalci Lucas said he was impressed with the youth’s determination and wanted to collaborate with the Youth for a United World in whatever way he could. Since one of the youth goals is to transform the United World Week into an official date of the UN calendar why not start from “home”, presenting the project to the House of Representatives to establish a United World Week as an official celebration in Brazil. Besides, he committed himself to helping and support whatever may be needed.

Professor Dinorá Cançado was also impressed with the United World Project and with the life experiences shared by the Youth for a United World. She spoke of the various projects that she is working on, for example, the Braille library, which has already received awards and titles in the Academies of Arts in Brazil and other countries.

She also said that she felt as if before there was a sort of gap in her work, aimed at children and the elderly, and now the gap is narrowing because “I want to work with young people participating and disseminating the United World Project.” The morning meeting concluded with an invitation to paint a “murales” on a wall of a public school in a poor community with messages that convey the fraternity.

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