Volunteering Work in Lisbon, Portugal

26 December 2013
“Hello everyone,
We are the Youth for the World (Y4UW) from Portugal and this year, we are surveying the city of Lisbon with the desire to promote brotherhood. We have embarked on a project consisting of volunteering work among generations. This project is two-fold:
Children’s Project
“Outskirts of Lisbon: can you imagine what goes on in those neighbourhoods of which nobody talks about? Two Comboni Missionaries sisters and a brother have started giving support to some children, who mostly belong to migrant families living in Camarate. The aim of their work is not only to take them off the streets but also to educate them, giving them a sense of rules and moral training, aside from regular school monitoring.
Through some contacts, we have found out that these Missionaries need the help of young volunteers. Since we are available, we have decided give our assistance in the evening (5:00 pm to 7:00 pm). Our aim is to remedy these shortcomings and bring these children some of our joy and specific gifts.”
Adults’-Seniors’ Project
Accompany on regular or irregular basis adults and seniors who live on their own or residing in nursing homes. Those volunteers who wish to pay regular visits to the elderly, carry out this initiative every 15 days and they are split up into 2 or 3-person teams. They volunteering work consists of listening the elderly persons, conduct recreational activities (board games or sing with them); meet the concrete needs of each person (accompany them for Mass, organize medications, cooking, organizing the house, make small arrangements).
For both projects and in accordance with the number of registered volunteers, we will set up fixed teams that will last of a 3-month period.
It is also possible to perform volunteering work on an irregular basis. In such cases, the volunteer will integrate a fixed team. This may be an opportunity for a new volunteer to give this work a try, or bring along a friend. This type of volunteers can be very helpful in those moments when the availability of volunteers is very limited and this is a chance to make this experience.
Would you like to cooperate with us?
Fill out the registration form using the link below and any questions do not hesitate to ask!
The Y4UW from Lisbon?”

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