Weekend of young Syrians (10-12 June 2016)

21 July 2016

Lina Morcos and Murad Al Shawareb, two young people from Syria, tell us about the experience of their weekend of July 10 to 12:

After six years of war we felt we had to do something different with the youth, a weekend to support he youth both spiritually from the human point of view and social.

Thus came the idea of inviting an expert, Sr. Noha Dakkash, a nun from the Sacred Heart from Lebanon, University professor and a specialist in social work. Since this year is the year of the mercy we have thought of a title: mercy in our daily life and prayer.

Already from the preparations we felt great maturity. 65 youth attended from across Syria (Aleppo, Homs, Kafarbo, Benyas, Tartous and Damascus).

Presentations from the youth, meditations, recreational evenings, insights on mercy and prayer, moments of exchange in groups … The youth have suggested to take a moment of prayer and it was a very strong moment, with them who have made spontaneous prayers asking with great faith the gift of Peace.

Sr. Noha who was touched by the youth, thanked us for giving her this chance to know us. She said: “They are smart people. I carry you all in my heart and we pray intensely for Peace.”Siria1

These are some impressions of the youth who were present:
– I found so much love that I have not found anywhere else and this love has touched me and changed me from Inside. I feel that I grew up and I thank God for this, hoping that we the youth are able to continue to live this vocation with simplicity and love.
– To meet again together after so much time with people who live the ideal of love has given me so much positive energy. And now that we are going home we want to bring happiness to all.
– I learned better how I can turn the negative into a positive and how can I convey this to my friends.
– I learned not to despair in facing the difficulties.

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