Young people “Come Home Love”, Youth Camp 2013 – Macau, Hong Kong

9 May 2013

A message from the Youth for a United World from Macau, Hong Kong:

We really want to share our joy of these two days. We experienced strong mutual love during the whole Youth Camp.

In these two days we have tried to deepen the theme “Come Home Love” through drama, testimonies, games, etc. We also prayed together for the disaster that happened recently. Besides, we also had a workshop on Sushi preparation. Each young person tried to give his/her best to meet up and prepare the Youth Camp. We were very happy to be over 30 young people. We wish you guys can share in our joy and together walk towards the United World.

Each one of us left the Youth Camp with a different experience. For instance, one young boy said: “In this Youth Camp I really felt at home. Theme sharing, games, group workshops, etc… were occasions to build one big family among us! Of course, with ‘family members’ we try to give our best to finish different ‘houseworks’. Some tasks may be hard to tackle, however, all tasks can be solved if all the “family members” take the initiative and all together put their efforts.”

One young girl also shared her experience at the Youth Camp on Facebook. She wrote, “(I have) experienced a very meaningful camp. This can remind me three words: busy—forget—die. Especially with the family members, if we only do their own stuffs (job or casual) busily, we will forget our neighbour (our parents, especially). And we will treat them with indifference. In the end (the relationship) will grow tense and die out due to limited communication. The only way is learning to treasure (the relationship) and lay down my life, and also love others, as the Lord loves us. Ok, I got it!”

After this Youth Camp the participants put the message “Come Home Love” in their heart. The Macau Youth for United World will continue to organize different opportunities in order to express the message of making a United World in our society.

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